Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner

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West Hollywood, CA




20 minutes phone exploratory consultation. 

 This is the first step in our collaboration.

We start with a phone conversation to get the big picture of your needs and whether we are the best match to team-up on getting to your goals. Also, we'll talk about how your unique program would look like during our work together. We'll discuss the BETTER platform and App, Where we will Be making most of our communication and fear virtual sessions.


There is no single answer when addressing metabolism; everyone is unique. I believe that Nutrition and lifestyle should be individualized to each person.


Together as a team, we'll get you the results that you're looking for figuring out your systems "code" and find an optimum way to eat and live using the following tools:


  • Detailed Evaluation of Your Health History & Timeline

  • Dietary Analysis Based on Observed & Reported Symptoms

  • Select Supplements to Support Balance & Healing

  • Mind-Body Awareness & Counseling

  • Functional Lab Testing

  • Genetic Testing and Targeted Nutrition


Consultations are tailored to help you achieve your health goals most quickly and sustainably. We will work together to identify and resolve underlying imbalances leading to your particular symptoms.

Initial Consultation

90-120 minutes

After our TEST DRIVE call, we proceed with an Initial Consultation that includes: 

  • Assessment of your medical history, current symptoms, medications and nutrient-related imbalances.

  • Assessment of lifestyle and how it relates to your symptoms.

  • Clarity on why you are experiencing certain symptoms and how to address them.

  • A review of your 3-day Food Log or a 24-hr Food Recall and discuss where you can improve.

  • An action plan on how to start nutrition and lifestyle changes the same day after finishing our session.

  • On this consultation, we'll discuss pertinent functional labs needed to better assess your case.

Follow-up Consultations

45 minutes

  • After the initial consultation, on our first follow-up appointment, I will present your review of findings, personalized nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle program along with any available lab reports.

  • During follow-up Sessions, we review your goals, the current status of your journey and add-on or modify your recommendations as necessary. We'll work through emotional, behavioral and metabolic blocks that are keeping you from your health goals

  • Follow-ups help to keep you accountable for the changes you are working on, AND they enable us to optimize your plan for you. Also, follow-up or additional testing as needed or requested.

  • The number of follow-ups needed will vary depending on your needs. Those dealing with chronic illness or weight loss can expect to follow-up every 2 weeks for the first six months. Those looking for more general health improvements can expect to follow-up every 2 weeks for three months.

3 Sessions

Initial Consultation + Two 45-minute Follow-up Consultations

  • Includes the sessions explained above and 1.5 hours of email support over the duration of your program and unlimited support through the BETTER portal and/or App.

  • Expires three months from the date of your initial consultation.


Over 95% of people who book one Inicial COnsultation then opt to start one of my programs. From our first meeting, you'll come away feeling excited about what you’ve learned and you'll want to dig deeper into your overall health and will want a realistic plan to help you reach your goals!


7 Sessions

Initial Consultation + Six 45-minute Follow-up Consultations

  • Like any worthwhile endeavor, your health journey requires patience and consistency. What I offer single sessions and short-duration packages I often see the best results for clients who commit to a program.

  • Includes 3 hours of email support over six months and unlimited support through the BETTER portal and/or App. 

  • Expires six months from the date of your initial consultation.

Existing clients:

If you are a current client or want to return (before a year after our last session has passed), you have the option to book either a single Follow-Up session or purchase five and get one free.

Customized programs to kick-start wellness within your corporate or community group. 

Maybe you want to tackle stress reduction, mindfulness, or general nutritional or

wellness topics, if so please contact me to discuss your goals and objectives.
The pricing for these services ranges based on scope, group size, length and number

of sessions.

Please contact me to discuss.



Using an evidence-based approach, I will craft a lecture or presentation based on your needs. This option is appropriate for medical professionals, corporations, community groups and those seeking to benefit from nutrition education. Available topics are wide open – some examples are: breaking down nutrition myths, creating a healthy lifestyle, the real deal with dairy/soy/gluten, workouts, and nutrition, how to grocery shop the smart way, why sleep and digestion matter with weight loss, calorie counting is confusing.

Please contact me to discuss your interests and schedule.


Please note that Leandro Pucci Nutrition is out-of-network and does not directly accept insurance. If you would like to independently apply for insurance reimbursement, a super-bill with insurance codes is available upon request. It is essential that you check with your insurance company to understand your benefits concerning Clinical Nutrition consulting.


Monthly payment plans are available upon request.

As an option for my clients, I provide functional blood chemistry and stool testing and analysis. These tests help to pinpoint and confirm nutrition needs and to design an individualized plan for the client.

A functional analysis means looking at a blood panel and or stool panel with the goal of searching for root causes of imbalances to better design an intervention to achieve wellness. It IS NOT just screening for a disease.

I like to use this to guide my nutritional and supplement recommendations.

The cost and payment for these optional tests are separate from the Services above. Some tests may be covered by your Insurance.

Some tests are unavailable in New York State.


TELEHEALTH, I am always a few clicks away!

All my client have access to their own BETTER Online Portal and Mobile App.

Clients can track their foods with photo food logging, track their biometrics, keep an eye on progress and accountability with selfies.

Also, you can schedule your sessions, video chat, and messages directly from the BETTER App.


* All purchases are final and not refundable. Your package will expire after 3 (GROW) or 6 (RENEW) months from the date of Initial Consultation. 



The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not replace the guidance of your medical professional. The authors, the webmaster, Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA and other parties affiliated with the site have no responsibility for visitors' use of this site and/or any subsequent medical decisions or treatment. 


“California State law allows any person to provide nutritional advice or give advice concerning proper nutrition--which is the giving of advice as to the role of food and food ingredients, including dietary supplements. This state law does NOT confer authority to practice medicine or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or physical or mental condition. Also, specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health practitioner to state that any product might cure any disease, disorder, or condition.”


Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA only offers services administered by its sole member, Leandro Pucci, a clinical nutritionist.  Leandro Pucci is not a physician nor are his services licensed by the State of California. The practice of nutrition is self-regulated in the State of California and the State of California does not license or certify nutritionists. Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code, Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA, can offer services administered by Leandro Pucci, its single member, subject to the requirements and restrictions that are described fully therein. Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA offers nutrition counseling services in the State of California,  in those states of the United States whereby individualized nutrition counseling is permitted without a license, and internationally.