Clinical Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner

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West Hollywood, CA


"Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food"

Hi! My name is Leandro Pucci MS, CNS, ACSM-PT. I am an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for empowering people to take charge of their health and wellness by using food, exercise and lifestyle changes as medicine.


I help my clients achieve their nutrition, health, weight management, and wellness goals through individualized nutrition counseling, fitness counseling, and wellness support. I follow the Functional Medicine approach to nutrition which considers you as a whole person and promotes healing by looking for the cause of the problem and not just treating symptoms.


I see clients all over the world via my HIPAA-compliant, secure, encrypted, and engaging Virtual Healthcare Platform. I also offer concierge-style service by meeting clients at a place of their choosing (10 miles radius from West Hollywood).


If you are struggling with energy fluctuations throughout the day, you are fighting to lose weight even when you are working out every day and eating "clean." You are tired of trying all those fad diets full of restrictions or have failed with juice detox fasts and confused with so many opinions...


I am here to help you, I have been there. We are going to change your life and diet by learning to eat smarter, not deprived.


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The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not replace the guidance of your medical professional. The authors, the webmaster, Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA and other parties affiliated with the site have no responsibility for visitors' use of this site and/or any subsequent medical decisions or treatment.


“California State law allows any person to provide nutritional advice or give advice concerning proper nutrition--which is the giving of advice as to the role of food and food ingredients, including dietary supplements. This state law does NOT confer authority to practice medicine or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or physical or mental condition. Also, specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health practitioner to state that any product might cure any disease, disorder, or condition.”


Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA only offers services administered by its sole member, Leandro Pucci, a clinical nutritionist.  Leandro Pucci is not a physician nor are his services licensed by the State of California.  The practice of nutrition is self-regulated in the State of California and the State of California does not license or certify nutritionists. Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code, Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA, can offer services administered by Leandro Pucci, its single member, subject to the requirements and restrictions that are described fully therein. Leandro Pucci Nutrition DBA provides nutrition counseling services in the State of California,  in those states of the United States whereby individualized nutrition counseling is permitted without a license, and internationally.